Honorary President The Honourable Lucie Pépin
Honorary Vice Presidents Sophia Economides
Jeanne Maranda
Patricia Rustad
Rosslyn Tetley
Mair Verthuy, C.M.
Honorary Councillors Elspeth Angus
Sheila Goldbloom, C.M.
Dorothy Wills, C.M.

Directors   Standing Committees
Past President Chitra Chopra Constitution  
President Shirley Gyles Nomination  
Executive Vice President Isabelle Godefroy Resolutions Marjorie Windeler
VP Governmental affairs Chitra Chopra Woman of the Year Isabelle Godefroy
VP Administration Mary Pallett Standing Study Committees
VP Public Relations Marilyn Berger Arts, Culture & Heritage Mary Lennon
VP Program Joan Macklin Education Vivianne Silver
Secretary Dolly Dastoor Environment  
Treasurer Patricia Laven-Nichols Health, Child & Family Nadia Baraghi
Corresponding Secretary Druse Bryan Seniors Ann Shuster
Membership /Directory Marilyn Berger, Chitra Chopra Other
Councillors Druse Bryan, Bonnie Destounis Archives Marilyn Berger
    Hostess /hospitality Board members
Board Members at large Bulletin Editor Isabelle Godefroy