To play an important role as a voice for women in Montreal and surrounding areas through a forum of member organizations and individuals.

We achieve the MCW objectives by informing and recommending to the municipality that policies and services, which have a major impact particularly on the lives of women, need to be improved, changed or abandoned.


The Montreal Council of Women advocates on issues related to women, the family and the community based on existing policy which is adopted locally, provincially or nationally.

In order to speak with the strength of NCWC behind our voice and advocate on a particular issue, it is import to first determine that NCWC, PCWQ or MCW policy exists on the subject.

These policies are the result of research and discussion by the grassroots on proposed resolutions and adoption by the voting body at the local, provincial or national Annual General Meeting.

To see the policy listing of the National Council of Women of Canada click on NCWC Policy

Searching NCWC policy

To find out whether NCWC has policy in a particular area, from the home page go to Communications > Policy in the drop-down menu.

Under Policy there are a number of options in the further drop-down menu:

  • Resolution process
  • Policy listed by year
  • Policy listed by topic
  • Policy listed alphabetically

To look up the complete Policy wording, including ‘Whereas’ and ‘Resolved’ clauses, please go to Policy by year and click on the link: Policy YEAR to view each year.