Woman of the Year

The celebration of the Woman of the Year was started in 1986 by Sophie Economides (MCW life-member) and the late Kay Aksich, in response to the paucity of recognition of women for their achievements and contribution to society.

The Montreal Council of Women publicly recognizes and honours, at the annual Woman of the Year luncheon, an exceptional woman who has made a significant contribution to society. The honoured candidate, by her daily actions, her strength of character and/or her professional path, enriches the community and contributes to the advancement and betterment of all women. She is also an exceptional woman who serves as a role model and inspires others to excel.

Inspiring Women Honoured Since 1986

To see the list of inspiring and dedicated women who have been honoured for their service and contributions to others, click on MCW Woman of the Year Recipients.

Criteria for the 2016 Woman of the Year Award

A Woman who has made an Outstanding Contribution towards the Prevention of Suicide.

Every day in Quebec, approximately 3 people take their own lives and 8 people are hospitalised after attempting suicide. Suicide is never an option; there are always solutions. Everyone can help prevent suicide. That is why, this year, the MCW has decided to honour a woman who has made a difference in her community towards the Prevention of Suicide.

Please nominate a special woman who you feel has made a significant contribution in this area. For further information and a copy of the nomination form, click on MCW WOTY 2016 criteria and application.

The deadline for submission of nominations is at the end of October of each year.